Collaboration and Communication

The rise of globalization and the adoption of new technologies has led to the creation of the hyper-connected enterprise. Collaboration between internal and external resources and customers is now a key part of every organization’s strategy. The focus is no longer solely on internal productivity, but also on building brand equity through improved customer interactions and experiences.

Collaboration tools have evolved from basic file sharing to include chats, blogs, enterprise social media, and unified communication. FUTURETECH’s solution team has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and supporting industry-leading collaboration solutions. We have expertise across multiple tools and partnerships with leading OEMs, enabling us to provide cost-effective and comprehensive collaboration solutions for organizations.

In recent years, organizations have moved their applications and computing environments to the internet and other connected environments using various forms of cloud computing. It’s only natural that traditional forms of communication, such as telephony, have also evolved to meet the changing business landscape and help enterprises maintain their competitive advantage.

Enterprise communications have evolved to include IP-based technologies, allowing organizations to become hyper-connected, where users are always online and always collaborating. These next-generation communications help accelerate decisions, boost productivity, respond faster to customers, and increase differentiation and brand loyalty.

FUTURETECH’s solution team also has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise communication solutions. Our partnerships with leading OEMs enable us to provide cost-effective and comprehensive communication environments for organizations.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • IP Telephony
  • Video Conference
  • Holographic
  • IP TV
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Digital Signal


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